Contact from Ireland…after more years than I care to recall!

From: John Mulcahy
Date: Sat, Jul 24, 2010 at 5:49 PM
Subject: Contact from Ireland…after more years than I care to recall!


I am writing from County Donegal, Ireland, where I have been living for 12 years, after leaving South Africa for Hong Kong and Asia in 1984. I was a reporter with the Rand Daily Mail, and in the late 1970s/early 1980s caught as manyFinch & Henson or Brian Finch gigs as I could, and/or which I was aware of…Playgrounds in Paradise, Lonely Spaceman, Belinda Lou and, at least in my view, a version of Cocaine that out-rocked JJ Cale or Clapton – these were soundtracks to a period of my life which was chaotic, to say the least, but where at least the music was good, thanks to Finch, Lucey, etc…

On a recent visit to SA [Yes, for the Fick Fufa World Cup!] I visited an old buddy who put on “The Best of Finch & Henson” and I had goose bumps, which is saying something for a 58-year old fortunate to have survived my own extreme self-abuse! So many great memories, and so I Googled and have visited the website, where I found this address. It is highly improbable that Brian will remember me, but I wanted to let him know that it is not only for the Facebook generation that his immense talent has been “re-discovered”. I am attaching a pic, but it will need to be viewed through a filter of 16 Castles and who knows what other substances I may have been imbibing in the ’70s and ’80s!

As it happens, I travel to Cape Town regularly on business, and will make an effort to find out if/when Brian is playing, so that I can remind myself what a REAL JOL is about. I have got to the point where I try not to look back [at least not in anger], but I do get nostalgic sometimes about that weird time in history, where the world had turned its back on us, and when it was not only the sportsmen, but the incredible musicians of the time who were deprived of a platform.

What a gift to find that Brian Finch is still rocking, and to have discovered this before the onset of Alzheimers! It makes me want to light up a doob and sit on the rocks watching the sun set over Jeffreys Bay…

John Mulcahy

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About Brian Finch

BRIAN FINCH - singer/songwriter/entertainer. Plays acoustic guitar and harmonica. Writes his own material, has recorded 13 albums, is very active in the entertainment industry. He is on FB pages (3) Brian Finch Prince Albert, Brian Finch Music/Band and Brian Finch musician/entertainer. Contact him on 0839961551 for more info.

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