Living For Yesterday

final cover copy

Yip guys, time for you to give your comments, Brian’s new cd Living for Yesterday has sold many, these were distributed, via post, courier, and sold at gigs, you can still purchase this cd from
Marion – email her on Brian’s new web site it about to be launch and requires all your memories of Brian’s music career, anything you love about his music, your best album,
your best song, and any photo’s !! All needed now!! So send please to Marion on here email add above. Thanks for your support.
It means so much to me, and cannot wait to entertain you with my new songs. All our love, BRIAN AND MARION FINCH.

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About Brian Finch

BRIAN FINCH - singer/songwriter/entertainer. Plays acoustic guitar and harmonica. Writes his own material, has recorded 13 albums, is very active in the entertainment industry. He is on FB pages (3) Brian Finch Prince Albert, Brian Finch Music/Band and Brian Finch musician/entertainer. Contact him on 0839961551 for more info.

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