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Pure Finch – Pure Gold
One of the best country rock singers and lyric writers in the country – and maybe one of the last, troubadours on the planet.
Forget about blues, folk and the Africa influences, That is a chapter on it’s own.
One writer on the net said ” In Another world” is his best
We rocked until very late, We listen to old classic’s up until the latest songs. Where else have you ever heard such a soft
soothing voice – and then a stronger voice, and also the harmonica on “Tom Funny Blues”
With Paul (Chix) Herbst on bass, Zirk Jansen and Kevin Herbst with front and rhythm guitar. All on cd, which was recorded in Namibia.
All of us think of the haunting “Outta Lappies”. from PA who inspired Finch, to write his first ever Afrikaans song and to compose “;Waar is jy, my bru!  and we wonder about our last love (Another Romance). On “About you and me”, you will recognise Dylan from “Gotta Serve Somebody” and Forever Young’, when Finch holds his crowd hanging on your lips while they feel like dancing? All together?
Brian can!
This true Namibian “Kalahari Nights”, is the key which will force you back to the first song on the cd, time and time again, with the magic of his steel guitar.
Other songs like “Sunday Morning”, which is better than any other song with the same title, and you have to taste this one yourself.
In Another World, recorded at Hattrick Studio’s with Paul Herbst and (Herman (the Surgeon) Stadler, on keyboads, Herman on percucussion and Angels (Takkies) Taghafen on drums.  Except for “Kalahari Nights, which was recorded by the Guitar maestro Wouter de Bryn at Sondrew Studios.
Sure is special, has a very different feel to previous albums and am convinced it will be a HUGE HIT!!   Brian Gultig.
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BRIAN FINCH - singer/songwriter/entertainer. Plays acoustic guitar and harmonica. Writes his own material, has recorded 13 albums, is very active in the entertainment industry. He is on FB pages (3) Brian Finch Prince Albert, Brian Finch Music/Band and Brian Finch musician/entertainer. Contact him on 0839961551 for more info.

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