Brian Finch – past and present.

Brian, has just completed a very successful tour of Natal/Durban, and Namibia.    The road has been long, and not without it’s hazards, having had 2 punctures, and a blow out, am happy to be home in Prince Albert.

I thank all my fans out there who have attended my gigs, bought my cd’s, without you, life could be tougher!!  Yip!  Now we are moving into the silly season, and I am going to take some time off at home, to rehearse some songs, which I am preparing for a new album.  I have been fortunate to be sponsored by one of my best friends, to record a acoustic album, just me and acoustic guitar, the album will cover my best renditions of Bob Dylan, my biggest inspiration in music, and all the years having performed his songs, I will do my best to put a album together that you would love.   Yes, we will also produce a best of Brian Finch CD. So hope this will inspire you to look out for the albums/cds to be released by my 69th birthday, on the 22nd February 2016.

As this year comes to a end of another era, I will be looking forward to spending Christmas with my family, and to welcome Verity from the UK back into our lives!  Then going to the Mahangu Lodge on  the Cubango River, I am performing for the New Year (2016) celebrations with some very goods friends, and new ones to be made.  Then it will be onto Cape Town, the 6th of January 2016, will be our son Reno’s 40th birthday, of which he is throwing a party on the 8th January, and will be there to perform with him live on stage.   A night of memories to go forward with, will be made no doubt.   This event will be private for friends and family.   We are excited  to celebrating this occasion with him.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a merry festive season, peace, and love !

Brian Finch.

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About Brian Finch

BRIAN FINCH - singer/songwriter/entertainer. Plays acoustic guitar and harmonica. Writes his own material, has recorded 13 albums, is very active in the entertainment industry. He is on FB pages (3) Brian Finch Prince Albert, Brian Finch Music/Band and Brian Finch musician/entertainer. Contact him on 0839961551 for more info.

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