A Bright and happy 2016, to all fans, friends and family.    What a year 2015 turned out to be, and even a better beginning to 2016.

With the release of my 11th  album/cd Living for Yesterday 2015, which by the way is now added to the BRIAN FINCH BOX SET COLLECTION SERIES.  Both have been a great success in sales, and recognition.   As you may know, Marion Finch my wife, is the sole distributor of the cd’s, and them (cd’s) also being sold at gigs,  as well as downloads, (the download info is on this web page)  Adding to the live gigs, I remain grateful.


I dreamed  a dream last night!  Yes, this is true,  a new song, so for this year already two new songs in the bag.

This year a retro style table book, with a cd (The best of Brian Finch (Finch & Henson -rip),  included, titled “YOU WERE THERE”  is on the cards,  so look out for the announcement when available.    To put you in the picture so to speak “the book is about your memoirs of  Brian Finch (Finch & Henson-rip) and makes for real interesting reading, photo’s and music.   We asked for your comment’s which were pasted on FB and on to this web site, as well as by email sent to  If you were one of those, you are sure to be mentioned in this book, and still can so paste your comments asap!

While too many of our favourite artist’s/singers/actor’s have passed on! (MAY THEY REST IN PEACE) – At the ripe old age of 69, in good health and rearing to put out what I do best, entertaining, compose new songs, I vow to produce my best EVER!! (cliché – maybe, but until my last breath, I will go on doing what I do!)

This past year with Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, Engagements, and Gigs, I am proud to have been part of all this excitement in my life, and look forward to many more, I will post pics, video’s that enriched my life thus far,   ENJOY AND THE BEST TO YOU ALL!   Thank you for all the support you have given me over many years!

Lastly to those I have not been in touch with, you are always in my thoughts and songs, may you all be blessed and may all your wish’s come true.


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About Brian Finch

BRIAN FINCH - singer/songwriter/entertainer. Plays acoustic guitar and harmonica. Writes his own material, has recorded 13 albums, is very active in the entertainment industry. He is on FB pages (3) Brian Finch Prince Albert, Brian Finch Music/Band and Brian Finch musician/entertainer. Contact him on 0839961551 for more info.

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