BRIAN FINCH – 67 years of age, but do not let age put you off! – He is in good health and has the energy many would strive to have!

His latest show at The Showroom Theatre, Prince Albert, proved that energy to be in abundance, with a 3 hour show, and a short interlude, Brian Finch and accompanied band had the crowd rocking in their seats. The theatre was almost full house, and the crowd were very enthusiastic to listen to songs just released from his new album LIVING FOR YESTERDAY. The audience consisted of old and new fans, from in and out of town. The final comment’s heard of the show was, ‘’one of the best we have had this year”.

That just goes to show, that on each and every performance, be it on stage in a theatre, at a pub gig, or a private party, Brian gives it his all. His passion, feelings that flow through his expressions, to his voice gives one a feeling of experiencing it all, every word that is sung, every cord that is played.

Brian is extremely modest, and it has been said, that he ‘SHOULD BE FAMOUS’ and I guess like every artist the break is around the corner, one day to be discovered.

Brian sings and entertains for a living, but living is what he sings about, it is his daily life’s experiences, his thoughts that he capture’s when writing his songs. And funny enough there are people out there that related to all this and more. You can read from comments, you can see from the enjoyment he creates when performing, and it is endless! As Brian would say, I will continue doing this until “my last breath”.

Gigs, gigs, and more gigs, venues are getting harder to find, and one does not want to play oneself out! So getting those fans to attend your gigs, shows at theatres, and private functions have to have a variety of entertainment, and luckily that is what I do best, entertain, and to add to this, I write and sing all my own material, with the odd cover here and there.

I at one stage thought about “ what am I going to do when I am too old for this” and it’s never going to happen, I will do what I love best, and as long as the support is out there, I will be on that stage!

As it was said not too long ago, be grateful that the gigs are still coming in, some musicians will cut off their right hand to be as busy as you are! So yes with my 13th album todate, I am more than grateful to be able to do this for my living, to be able to support my wife, who in turn is my biggest supporter! I feel very blessed to have people who believe in me, and sponsor the recording of my albums.

These are very special people in my life, some would say Angels, who without my music career would not be what it is!

I am already onto a new album, the feeling is in my bones, new songs, new tunes, brings joy to my heart and soul.

All that said, I take it seriously thoughout my career, it has’nt been a walk in the park. The moods change, the crowd changes, the venue’s are less, and the industry is vast, from digital downloading, to live video’s, keeping up with the changes in the industry, I can only say that I enjoy what I do, and have not regrets choosing a career where I have been blessed. Thank you to my family, my friends and fans. You are all very special in my life!!