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BRIAN FINCH - singer/songwriter/entertainer. Plays acoustic guitar and harmonica. Writes his own material, has recorded 13 albums, is very active in the entertainment industry. He is on FB pages (3) Brian Finch Prince Albert, Brian Finch Music/Band and Brian Finch musician/entertainer. Contact him on 0839961551 for more info.


IMG_1165 (3).jpegclassic brian finchBrian Finch is very much active on the music scene, and has just turned 70
He celebrated his birthday in his home town of Prince Albert, with family, friends and fans, with the release of a compilation CD titled The Classic Brian Finch. This album is available via



Brian Finch continues to perform live at gigs this year 2017, has seen him pack the venues

In January 2017, he performed at Bloo in Knysna, and on opening his gig with YOU GOTTA BE STRONG – had a standing ovation, a special guest attended Howard Butcher, who commented “the best solo performance he has seen in a long time”

Continued to perform at his own home theatre in Prince Albert, The Stone House music connection to a group touring from Germany, Switzerland and France, travel with Gravel Travel Tours,  They commented after having been served a 3 course meal, and a “up close and personal” Brian Finch show, to say “it was the highlight of their tour”‘

In February, Brian hosted his 70th birthday celebration in his home town of Prince Albert to 175 guests, who had a full weekend of entertainment by Brian Finch, Paul & Kevin Herbst, and Stavro Michelle.   This was attended by family, friends and fans from as far as Germany.

He then performed at a private birthday party of Charles Roux at the fantastic venue The Red Mountains, between Oudshoorn and Calitzdorp.

He then travelled to Namibia to perform at Joe’s beer house for an afternoon entertainment attended by his Namibian fans who packed out the venue

Brian then went to Johannesburg to pre-record some new songs at Neil Solomon’s studio Passenger and then mixed and mastered these at Howard Butcher’s studio Eden, with finally saw the songs “THE LOST BOYS” and “MANHANGU”  especially composed for their personal promotion.

Brian continues to write new songs, and will be releasing a new album by the end of this year, and if Marion can finalize the book tiled YOU WERE THERE,  to be released before Feb 2018,

Brian has further performed this year at the SOUTH COAST BIKE FESTIVAL, joined by Wayne Coughlan on Dobro guitar.

He also performed at the Tankwa Bike Burn event and was joined by Tigger Reunert.

His debut at the fantastic venue CAFE ROUX was a sold out evening of excellent performance by Brian, leaving his fans wanting for more.

With Namibia being his second home, he travelled 5000 klm on his own to perform at the annual Desert Hawks bike event in Luderitz, then onto the Bender Huis in Windhoek, and another gig at The Duine Hotel in Henties Bay, with another gig at The Desert Tavern, Swakopmond, and Sarah’s se gat in Walvis Bay.

Another private party for Johan Notts 50th in Cape Town, and then onto one of the best live music venue’s in ST.FRANSIS BAY – THE ROCK LILY, and followed by another best of live venue’s BLOO in Knysna.

With no end to the gigs, Brian then performed at The Northwood Old Boys Club – The Crusaders to a crowd of over 400, new and old fans.   Followed by another special birthday celebration gig at Clive van Reenen.  Followed by another special up close and personal event at the The Stone House music connection, (Brian’s home theatre) for Hennie and Victoria and special guests.

That’s not all, Brian went onto perform at Cafe Barcelona in Pretoria to a sold out show, followed by a gig at the Radium Beer Hall.

The gigs are coming and going, and will be soon leaving for Namibia for a private party for Anita in Windhoek, Benda Huis, Desert Tavern and a special birthday event for Ceasar’s 50th. Then again another gig to perform for a very special fan “Raymond Losch” from Gaborone, hiring Brian to perform for himself, his guests and Brian’s personal invited guests, sponsored by Raymond quoting  “can’t listen to the radio”.   Then finally, a very special gig to look forward to will be CAFE ROUX – NOORDHOEK – CAPE TOWN on the 29th Sept. 2017, after that he will be heading for Prince Albert to perform for the Harley Davidson club in Prince Albert.

Potentially, a very exciting prospect to be confirmed will be a tour of gigs, to perform in Oman, and will be awaiting news on this soonest.

So a full year so far,  before he flies up to Durban to attend a VERY SPECIAL EVENT – where Brian has been nominated for a Life Time Achievement award, in arts,music category !

Further gigs are in the pipeline, for the rest of this year, so will keep you posted.

Written : by MARION FINCH.

BRIAN FINCH very much active on the live and recording music scene.

BRIAN FINCH recently turned 70 years old, and performed at a very well attended birthday bash party in his home town of Prince Albert.  With guests from as far as Germany, Namibia, and all over South Africa, he performed with his Namibian band members, Paul Herbst (Chix)on bass, and his son Kevin Herbst, on Electric guitar.  What a great show evening with Brian at his best.

We welcomed Stavro Michelle who performed his own set of best songs, keeping the crowd wanting more.   The event started Friday – Saturday, and some guest stayed until Monday, enjoying the life of a musician living in a country town.   With a home build by Brian, now has a two bedroom cottage and a swimming pool with a pool room for those guests who want to come and spend a night or two.   Brian host’s many   UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL – live music evenings with a  3 course supper on the menu.  You can call Brian or Marion on 0839961551/0721515693  to book a evening at his home theater STONE HOUSE MUSIC CONNECTION.

Obviously this happens when not on the road and touring doing his live performance gigs around the country and in Namibia.   Brian recently had a standing ovation on his opening number “YOU’VE GOTTA BE STRONG” while performing at Bloo Bistro in Knysna,  It was followed by further successful gigs Teubes Wine Estate Festival, A STONE HOUSE MUSIC CONNECTION evening hosting 16 guests from Gravel Travel Tours, then on to Joe’s famous restaurant in Windhoek, for a full house. The SCBK in Margate, Natal, was where Brian performed on two stages with Wayne Coughlan, with outstanding attendance, and lastly this year to date, he performed with Tigger Reunert at the Tankwa Bike Burn, two shows had the bikers asking for more and to come back next year.

Brian heads to Cape Town, to perform at Cafe Roux, in Cape Town 20th May, to a new venue that has outstanding reviews, and fast becoming the place to perform.  Brian has not played in Cape Town, since Alma Cafe in Rosebank, Cape Town, to a full house.

Besides, focusing on making music for a living, he is busy working on a new album to be released the end of this year.   The most resent CD released – THE CLASSIC – BRIAN FINCH a compilation of his best choice songs from all previous albums/cd released todate.

This album, is proving to be extremely popular radio stations, releasing the very best of Brian Finch, mentioning the a album he could be very proud of, an asset to South African music.

So call in to the Radio stations of your choice and request a Brian Finch number, the audience will be highly satisfied as this is the real thing, music from heart and soul, expressed with extreme feelings, leaving you wanting more …………


After an awesome tour in Namibia, performing at The Alma Café in Ronderbosch Cape Town. 23rd July, 2016.  Call Marion 0721515693 or Brian 083996151 for more info.


Hi to all that visit this page, so sorry we are rather slack with updating, what with FB, twitter, internet, downloads, gigs, travelling, living, and all !

The good news, is I am still active, doing the gigs, writing songs, and playing my guitar.

The last while, I have had some awesome gigs, too many to remember, but so good, that they keep me going, and wanting to do more.

I have been very privileged to have accompany me some great musicians, from Dan Chirorboli, Wayne Coughlan, Mark Mainguard, and Tigger Reunert and my very own son Reno Finch, at his 40th birthday.

We have now arranged some gigs coming up with the same musicians.

Brian Finch & Son, Live entertainment – @ the Stone House Music Connection Home Theatre -17th June, 7.00pm – A ONE OFF!! – SUPPER INCL. BRING YOUR OWN WINE/DRINKS @R200PP.   CONTACT MARION 0721515693 OR email : for bookings. Seats are limited, so book early.


I am also in the process of writing new songs for a album at the end of the year, with a coffee book on my career spanning the last 48 years.

This book titled “YOU WERE THERE” will be launched at my 70th birthday celebration party & show, in February, 2017.  Further info on this will be pasted to this page and onto FB and other !

I will be heading for Namibia – so see FB for those dates, or contact me 0839961551 .

To all who support my music a big thank you,



PLEASE NOTE :  We thank you all for your comments on this site, and apologise for a no reply!  We are concerned that you have not been successful, and therefor ask if you could email

She will be ready in this year to attend to your requests.  The site was amended to a new hosting site, and we had not yet given it our full attention, what with her being a wife, housewife, mother, grandmother, and doing her best to update our FB pages, contracts, gig confirmations, travelling, and more.

Thanking you,

Marion Finch (for Brian Finch)


A Bright and happy 2016, to all fans, friends and family.    What a year 2015 turned out to be, and even a better beginning to 2016.

With the release of my 11th  album/cd Living for Yesterday 2015, which by the way is now added to the BRIAN FINCH BOX SET COLLECTION SERIES.  Both have been a great success in sales, and recognition.   As you may know, Marion Finch my wife, is the sole distributor of the cd’s, and them (cd’s) also being sold at gigs,  as well as downloads, (the download info is on this web page)  Adding to the live gigs, I remain grateful.


I dreamed  a dream last night!  Yes, this is true,  a new song, so for this year already two new songs in the bag.

This year a retro style table book, with a cd (The best of Brian Finch (Finch & Henson -rip),  included, titled “YOU WERE THERE”  is on the cards,  so look out for the announcement when available.    To put you in the picture so to speak “the book is about your memoirs of  Brian Finch (Finch & Henson-rip) and makes for real interesting reading, photo’s and music.   We asked for your comment’s which were pasted on FB and on to this web site, as well as by email sent to  If you were one of those, you are sure to be mentioned in this book, and still can so paste your comments asap!

While too many of our favourite artist’s/singers/actor’s have passed on! (MAY THEY REST IN PEACE) – At the ripe old age of 69, in good health and rearing to put out what I do best, entertaining, compose new songs, I vow to produce my best EVER!! (cliché – maybe, but until my last breath, I will go on doing what I do!)

This past year with Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, Engagements, and Gigs, I am proud to have been part of all this excitement in my life, and look forward to many more, I will post pics, video’s that enriched my life thus far,   ENJOY AND THE BEST TO YOU ALL!   Thank you for all the support you have given me over many years!

Lastly to those I have not been in touch with, you are always in my thoughts and songs, may you all be blessed and may all your wish’s come true.


Brian’s Collection Series box set with added bonus cd ”Living for Yesterday” available now.

please order your Brian Finch Collection series box set from Marion Finch on email  R1500 - per box set (13 discs) 12 cd's and l dvd.

please order your Brian Finch Collection series box set from Marion Finch on email R1500 – per box set (13 discs) 12 cd’s and l dvd. Limited stock available.